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We believe that every married couple can have a mutually satisfying, life-long relationship that improves with time and effort. Marriage Encounter is a weekend where married couples in a traditional marriage relationship are given the opportunity to develop a closer, deeper and more satisfying marital relationship, as well as strengthen their relationship with God.

Marriage Encounter offers a unique weekend to help you rekindle the romance and communication your heart desires, and focus on each other in a quiet, safe, environment. Apply online, download the application or call (717) 569-5676 for more information. Make sure there is room for you!


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CoVid-19 Information

At this time we are able to hold Marriage and Engaged Encounters at all of our venues. Engaged Encounters @ Kenbrook Bible Camp have a limited capacity, so be sure to apply early. We recommend mask wearing but do not require it of our participants and let it up to the discretion of each individual. Each of our venues are taking extra safety precautions in regards to cleaning and sanitizing and also have made changes in the way that meals are served in order to ensure safety. We ask that anyone experiencing any symptoms of illness before an encounter, to please stay home and attend a future encounter. Any further questions can be emailed to love@marriageencounter.org or call 717-569-5676.

Upcoming Encounters

Marriage Encounter

November 05 - 07 2021

Marriage Encounter Weekend

Christian Retreat Center, East Waterford, PA

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November 05 - 07 2021

Marriage Encounter Weekend

Jericho House, Canada

Register at Eastern CA or
call 1-519-584-2205

March 04 - 06 2022

Marriage Encounter Weekend

Heritage Hotel, Lancaster, PA

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Engaged Encounter

February 11 - 13 2022

Engaged Encounter Weekend

Kenbrook Bible Camp, Lebanon, PA

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809 Temperance Hill Road
Lititz, PA 17543 U.S.A.
(717) 569-5676

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