Looking for God Moments

Many of us approach life with a fantasy mind-set.  The preschooler anticipates entering the classroom, only to discover it is not all fun and games.  Teens can’t wait to receive their wheels and wings, only to find a key fob comes wrapped in responsibility.

The young adult who is convinced marriage means “living happily ever after” is in for a rude awakening when the budget’s elastic breaks or the health of one’s spouse bottoms out.  

It is in the hard times of marriage that we have the opportunity to look for the “God moments,” when He helps us bond in our struggle, creating a team of two.  That is precisely the moment when we can infuse the relationship with love, joy, respect and peace. Let your marriage become the marriage everyone wants!

Emory & Idella Otto

Mennonite/Brethren ME & EE

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